Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hitting Target Homework

I just finished reading Katydid Designs newsletter article called "Are You Hitting Your Target" http://www.katydid-designs.com/Newsletter.html and it really motivated me. I have been toying with the idea to change the direction of my business.
Basically I am making greeting cards and note cards for all occasions. Incorporating handmade papers and small watercolor drawings with printed quotes. While I want to continue with these cards I have been wanting to expand my business into invitations and party items. Possible starting a separate website for these.
For a starting point I feel like I need to narrow my field even more. I have decided I want to start with Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations. I have experience with Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning and creating unique individual invitations and party paper supplies such as programs, table assignments, room bags etc.
Laura gave a homework assignment in her newsletter
Tell who your target is and list 3 places to advertise other then online.
After I decided on my new direction this assignment was easy.

My target is Jewish Parents of 11-13 year old children.
Places to advertise
Jewish newspapers in major cities
Synagogue Newsletters
National Jewish magazines such as Bnai Brith or Hadassah
JCC Bullitens or newsletters.

I am really excited with my new direction and can't wait to get started.


Laura Bray said...

Great ideas! Good job doing your homework. I might check-in before next month's newsletter to see if you followed through! (Just a little motivation for you!)

Trish said...

H|Those are great ideas. And, checking in on her for follow thru...that's another great idea!

I'm still working on my homework.

Laurie said...

Great idea! Way to narrow your niche. I know nothing of this field but I would think the compition would be less and that, hopefully, will make it better for you to succeed. Good luck with your creative future!